At COMMAND, we always use a hospital grade chemical line of products within our current cleaning program, below are steps we’ve taken to continue the health and safety of our employees and customers.

  • We have made additional purchases of disinfectant to sustain the needs of our current client base as well to offer our services to others.
  • Disinfecting teams have been established to support or current client base if needed and to others in the Front Range areas
  • Our clients are encouraged to call and discuss their current needs and long range plans to maintain their facilities and reduce the risk for a virus to spread
  • We are communicating with our staff to answer their questions, inform them of what to do if they or someone else on the team may show signs of illness
  • Services include cleaning and disinfection or disinfection as a stand alone service
  • Electrostatic sprayer units should be arriving soon and will give the protection coverage capability of the entire 360 degree surface area. These are high capacity units that can cover large amounts of square footage
  • Our services are available to anyone in need of service currently and for on going programs. Call us NOW!

Important things to consider to protect against COVID-19

  • Protection starts with the basics, washing of hands. Hand sanitizers DO NOT take the place of hand washing
  • The temperature of the water while washing your hands has no impact on the germs on your hands, it is the soap that does the work
  • The type of hand soap makes no difference as long as you wash your hands correctly
  • Keep in mind antibacterial soaps have a shelf life and are ineffective past the expiration date
  • Coronavirus can live on a non-porous surface anywhere from 3 hour to 3 days, depending on temperature and humidity
  • Porous surfaces can extend the life of the virus
  • Understand the dwell time of your disinfectant. “Dwell Time” is the time required for the disinfectant to kill the bacteria or virus you are combating
  • Not all disinfectants are equal, use the proper disinfectant for the job