Some of the ways we utilize our technology to make a difference:

  1. Before our staff arrive to work, they receive automated text/email reminders of where they are meant to be, time and work instructions.
  2. All staff clock-in in real-time to your site(s) using their smart phones with GPS enabled. We know exactly where the staff are. If staff don’t have GPS enabled, they can’t clock-in. GPS geo fencing ensures staff are where they are meant to be.
  3. If you are concerned about unauthorized staff clocking in at your sites or “buddy punching”, we can require all staff to take a selfie picture before they clock-in. The selfie is available for managers to check. We can also provide biometric and facial recognition devices for larger sites.
  4. Managers are automatically alerted if staff working at your sites fail to clock in with an automated no show alert system.
  5. Once staff are at work, staff can check the schedule for your sites to determine which tasks they have been assigned to carry out. Information about any special requests you have is available through the same system.
  6. If any issues arise during their shift, staff can communicate from their smart phone with their manager through our internal messaging system which keeps a record of all communications. Staff can attach pictures or documents.
  7. For longer shifts or overnight shifts, we can require staff to check-in during their shift at designated times from designated locations. Again alerts are generated if a check-in is missed.
  8. When staff leave your site, all staff clock-out again in real time, giving us report of how many hours of service all staff provided at your site and whether there were any variances from schedule or budget. We don’t rely just on managers looking at reports to check your data. An automated process checks the data against expectations and generates alerts if there are significant exceptions.
  9. Staff use the same system to complete check lists. Immediately available to their manager.
  10. Managers can check the status of all their sites from their real-time smart phone dashboard. It tells them which staff are onsite, who have left, who are scheduled to come in, if they have any communications or other issues. You will undoubtedly have special requests during the course of the contract. All special requests (work orders) are managed through the same system. We know our managers are busy. We don’t want them to miss anything.
  11. Automated reminders are generated for managers in advance of the schedule and afterwards in the event the extra work is running late.
  12. Managers use the same system to complete inspections.